Mildew Resistance Tests

Mildew Resistance Tests Gainesville GA 770-965-7079 Mildew Resistance Tests Gainesville GA 770-965-7079 247_3_MicroSealed_Fabric_dry,_Untreated_Fabric_Wet

“Mildew reduction was really just a side benefit that our customers reported on the many jobs we did over the years.  MicroSeal was first found to reduce mildew in the Hawaiian market.  At one time we had done almost that complete island and where mildew had been a problem it wasn’t after our MicroSeal treatments.  That was the one benefit that was most important to the hotel and restaurant owners since that was the main reason that they were replacing their fabrics.  You might say our test reports were from the thousands of jobs we have done over the years and the positive customer reports concerning our product reduced mildew.  Personally that is one of the best test reports you can get in my opinion.”

– Chris Amundsen, 30 years worldwide experience with MicroSeal